How to Do Homework in the Sims 4 (Updated) 2023

Sims 4 Homework

Since your sims go to school and learn new skills, it’s obvious that they’d also have homework to do when they return. It’s not a compulsion to do the work, but it’d be beneficial if they did it sometimes. Homework is more of an extracurricular activity in the game. So let’s know more about what Sims 4 homework is all about and why it’s essential for your sim. 

How to Do Homework Sims 4 for Children?

Sims 4 Homework

You’d know if your sim has got homework or not when they return from school because you’d find an orange notebook in your inventory. They should complete their work before attending school the next day or after the weekend. 

For those questioning where is the homework in Sims 4, all you have to do is click on the notebook in your inventory and select the “do homework” option, then your sim will sit at the nearest available spot, even if it’s on the ground and work till it’s finished unless they are distracted by an event, such as fire or low needs. Even the adults in the household can help out the sim in their work by going to them and clicking on the “help with homework” option.

If your child sim is at level 3 in all four skills of theirs, then they can have the “breeze through homework” feature for faster homework option. At level 7 of these skills, they’ll acquire a new opportunity, “dominate homework,” and they can complete their work at a much faster speed then. 

If your character has a B or a higher grade in school, after completing their homework, they can do extra credit work as well to improve their school performance. 

In case you don’t find a book in the inventory, you can buy it from any bookcase for one simolean. 

Homework for Teens

Homework for Teens

There’s not much difference between children’s and teens’ homework, except their book is of blue color instead of orange. Adults can also help them in their studies and can gain extra credit by doing work apart from their homework if they have a B in school. 

School Projects

Sims 4 School Projects

There might be times when your sim won’t get homework but school projects instead. Completing this would boost their grades, and if they don’t do so in a few days, then their grades would deteriorate slightly. 

There are two options to do the projects, either carefully or sloppily. If you do it in a sloppy manner, the work is done quickly, but their grades won’t see any changes. Carefully working is much better for increasing your grades, and they’d also gain skills depending on the type of work they are doing. For children, these skills would be related to skills like mental, creativity, etc. Teens can gain skills like rocket science, painting, etc. 

In addition, 3 sims can help your avatar to complete this work at a quick pace, and if one of the sims helping them has a higher skill in projects, then their task would be exemplary. Your character’s responsibility and character value would also increase when they finish this work, but if they fail to do so, they will receive a negative impact of this. 

Homework in University

Sims 4 Homework in University

Since the Discover University pack has come along, as soon as your characters start their first semester in university, they’ll begin to get homework, and you’ll find a black and white notebook in the inventory. Their homework should be finished before the next class starts to ensure good grades. If your avatar takes multiple classes, there’d be more homework for them every week. 

Click on the book and choose which class homework you wish to do, and unlike children, your character can take breaks in doing this work instead of completing it in one sitting. If your sim has a higher level of research and debate skills, then doing homework would be an easy task for them. Players can also add the study spot lot trait in the household to make it easier for them to work. 

How to Improve School Performance?

Homework is one way to improve your sim’s school performance and grades, but apart from that, you can ensure that your character’s in a good mood whenever they go to school. Another thing that you can do is select the “Work Hard” option on their icon picture when they are in classes. Raising your child avatar’s skills would also work in favor of their performance. 

If your character’s performance falls below the line, the sim will receive a call from the principal to discuss their failing grades. Their grades will also be negatively affected if they don’t go to school frequently. If you don’t want your avatar to visit the school, disable this interaction. They might not sometimes go because a classmate asked them to, but this option is for those with the Parenthood pack. 


Why can’t I find my homework in Sims 4?

If you can’t find the homework notebook in the inventory, then you can purchase it from any bookcase or computer. Click on the “Purchase books” option and choose “homework books” from the dropdown menu. It costs one simolean.


We aren’t saying that not doing the homework would affect your character’s grades or performance in school. As long as they attend school regularly, they are all set. But Sims 4 homework is an excellent feature to improve your sim’s grades and to help them gain more skills. Therefore, there’s no harm in trying out this feature.

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