We’ve all faced this issue where our computer system gave us a warning that our disk space is full. But sometimes, no matter what we delete, it doesn’t affect the space. However, now you can use the disk space fan freeware, which allows you to know which file is taking up more space in the system and delete that to free up space.

What is Disk Space Fan?

Disk Space Fan is a powerful disk space analysis tool for Windows. It helps you to free up disk space by quickly finding and deleting big, useless files. It displays disk space allocation with a nice chart. Filter is supported to find the size information of special file types, such as video, audio, or image. Further more, it finds and helps to delete duplicated files on your hard disk, and even leaves a shortcut to the actual file after duplicates are removed.

The next generation disk space analyzer

Scan your disk with the fastest speed, get what is taking your disk space immediately.

 Features Overview

Fantastic Space Usage Visualization

Disk usage visualization with fantastic animation. Managing disk space is no longer a dull work.

Finding Big and Duplicate Files Easily

Folders and files are sorted by their size. Duplicate files are side-by-side listed. Various types of filters can apply. You can catch “bad guys” easily.

The Fastest Speed of Scan Disk

Thanks to the Master File Table(MFT) technology, Disk Space Fan can gain the fastest disk scan speed. MFT is also used by famous software – Everything

The next generation disk space analyzer

What is Ringschart in Disk Space Fan?

The Ringschart is composed of a set of nested rings around a central circle. This circle symbolizes the root folder. Each ring represents a level in the directory. Each subfolder or file is represented by a sector of the ring. Its angle being proportional to the size of the folder’s contents, and painted with a different color to ease visualization. Files will be painted in light gray color. Folder or file which is smaller than 1/180 of the size of root folder will be ignored.

The chart will display five levels. In the case that a folder in that last fifth level contains even more subfolders, this situation will be pointed by the presence of a curve close to the edge of that folder’s ring sector. When the mouse pointer hovers on one of the folders in the graphic, it will be highlighted and a tooltip will appear with information about its name and size.

How to scan Drive and Folder?

Scan Drive

Select drive in the left list box, click Scan button in the right panel.

Scan Folder

  1. Select the Folder icon in the left list box.
  2. Click the browse button in the right panel.
  3. Select the folder, and click Scan button.

How to apply MFT to gain fastest scan speed?

In order to gain the fastest drive scan speed by applying the MTF technology, please run Disk Space Fan with Administrator privilege.

Run as Administrator

  1. Right click on the Disk Space Fan app icon.
  2. Select Run as administrator in the drop down menu

How to Navigate in chart?

To goto a sub-folder

Click the sub-folder in the chart, or click the related item in the left list. It will display the children information.

To go up one level

Click the center circle of the chart, or double click the first item in the left list.

To select another source to scan

Click the Disks button in the toolbar.

How to manage folder/file?

You can browse, open and delete folder or file after scanning.

Browse folder or file

After scanning, click the folder or file on chart, and select “Open…” button on the right.

Check folder or file property

After scanning, click the folder of file on chart, and select “Property…” button on the right.

Delete folder or file

After scanning, click folder or file the chart, select “Delete…” on the right, and click “Yes” to confirm the delete operation.

How to find duplicate files with options?

Scan with Hash

When the option is selected, Disk Space Fan will calculate the hash code for each file for comparation. It achieves higher accuracy in finding duplicates. It may take longer to scan because of hash code calculation.

Scan without Hash

When the option is selected, Disk Space Fan will use file name, last modified time and size to find duplicate files. It is much faster than scanning with hashing, but the accuracy is not as good

Exclude Options

To exclude file with certain types or exclude system files.

How to manage duplicate files?

List duplicate files

A button of duplicated files will be displayed on the bottom-left corner of the chart when scan finishes. By clicking the button, a list of duplicated files will be shown.

To remove single duplicated file

Select the file on the list, select “Delete”.

To remove multiple files

  1. Check the files to be deleted.
  2. Click the “Delete” button on the left.

Note: If the “Leave shortcut” is selected, a shortcut will be created for each file being deleted to point to the file that remains on the disk.

Checking duplicate files on chart

Duplicate files are displayed in gray color on the chart.

To find duplicate files

Click on the top-right filter list box, select “Duplicate Files…”.

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