How To Become An Alien (Guide) 2023

Sims 4 Aliens

If you have the Get to Work expansion pack, you’d know all about the Sims 4 aliens addition in the game. But if you haven’t tried it out yet, then let me tell you, there’s a whole new world out there for you to discover because this exciting feature allows you to have extraterrestrial beings in your world or even turn your own sim into one. It’s an excellent way to turn around the monotonous gameplay and add a fun element to it. 

This guide will teach you all about these aliens, their powers, and how to go about this entirely new storyline. It’s going to be a wild journey, so let’s dive right into it. 

About Sims 4 Alien

Aliens have been a part of the Sims franchise since its second version and have only improved and developed from there onwards. For instance, in Sims 2, there wasn’t much that these extraterrestrial beings could do, then the Sims 3 aliens saw some upgrades, and there were a few interactions added for them to carry out, and they also got a spaceship to travel. Now here are all the things you can expect in the Sims 4 version of the game. 

1. Appearance

Sims 4 Alien Appearance

Aliens can now have different colored skin tones instead of the standard green one, such as purple, pale white-blue, and so on. There are other customizations as well that you can do and give the appearance a boost with tattoos, makeup, etc. These characters can also have strange colored eyes depicting the galaxies they come from, including turquoise, purple, blue, gray, etc. 

Now, one of the highlights of aliens in this version of the game is that they can disguise themselves as human by having hair, a normal skin tone, and other such features. One way to distinguish a regular sim from a supernatural one is to notice them whenever they enter a strong emotional state, such as very happy, very playful, etc. because they’d start glowing. 

2. Alien Planet

Sims 4 Alien Planet

These extraterrestrial sims now have their own planet as well, Sixam where they can go using their spaceship. Even regular characters can visit this planet, but they’d need a few things before that. Firstly, you’d need a pad for the rocket, which would cost you 4000 simoleans and 1000 simoleans for building the rocket. The ship would be complete once you’ve achieved level 10 in Rocket Science Skill. You can also add a Wormhole Generator in it, which would cost you an additional 1000 simoleans. So basically, you’d have to spend a lot of money and time to be able to visit Sixam. 

There’s another way to go to their planet and that is by achieving level 6 of the Scientist career and collecting metals, crystals, and so on, which would help you create an Electroflux Wormhole Generator. However, you can only visit their planet when you reach level 10 in your career as a Scientist. After that, bring your Generator to the Invention Creator Station to upgrade it, and then off you go. 

Sixam has so much to offer to you with the gorgeous scenery full of flora that glows on its own and has a life of its own. Your avatar can also come across harvestable, geodes, and more miniature aliens here. As you wander around, you’d start noticing the extraterrestrial beings near the spawn points. When you’re visiting, the game would automatically increase the population by adding 15 to 20 aliens on the planet, but you can go to the Manage Worlds option to delete them. This would happen every time you go there. 

As a Scientist, your character’s career might expect them to visit Sixam on a daily basis for a special event. 

3. Alien Life

Alien Life

These extraterrestrial beings are similar to regular characters in a lot of ways. For instance, their lifespan is the same as theirs and they’ve to attend school in disguise. When two aliens meet, they can do a secret handshake and can also return to their normal form by clicking on them. If you want your character to have normal sim clothes, then they’d have to go shopping because all alien outfits are the same.

At times, you might come across avatars who’d get angry about seeing an alien because they expected the government to inform them of their existence, but once they are past those feelings, they can befriend each other or even fall in love.

4. Alien Abduction

Sims 4 Alien Abduction

One of the major things that an alien can do is abduct your avatar and take them back to its planet. If your character’s a target, then they’d go outside their house between 9 pm to 5 am to investigate a strange light and that’s when they’ll be abducted. They’d vanish for a few sim hours and would return with a dazed moodlet. The characters with the geek trait would gain a positive moodlet instead. 

If your avatar has a scientist career, there are more chances of them being abducted because they have a satellite dish, which allows them to contact aliens. But if you don’t want your sim to have this career and still get abducted, then follow the steps below.

To open the console box, firstly 

  1. Click Ctrl+Shift+C for PC users.
  2. Command+Shift+C for Mac users
  3. R1+R2+L1+L2 for Console users
  4. All four shoulder buttons for Xbox One players
  • Type “testingcheats true” to enable the cheats.
  • Input bb.showhiddenobjects. 
  • Now, enter the build mode and search for “satellite.”
  • You’d find it in the misc. electronics. Place the satellite on the lot, and you’re all set. When you click on it, you can either stop abduction for 24 hours or opt for “contact aliens” to get your avatar abducted.

A sim with high logic skills and with an observatory has a better chance of being abducted. Your character would notice sparkling light in a specific area and when they stand under it, they’ll be whooshed up by a spaceship. The satellite also enables you to get an alien channel on TV. Isn’t that cool? 

If you wish to know how to turn a sim into an alien Sims 4, then it’s a slightly difficult process. If a male character is abducted, there’s a 25% chance that they come back pregnant. So you can save the game while your sim’s being abducted. Now, if they don’t return with a pregnancy, you can keep reloading the saved game until they do. 

Another way is to make your avatar visit a bar on Tuesdays between 8 pm and 2 am because that’s when most of the aliens are partying there, and it increases the chances of your avatar woohooing with one of them.  

Even though they won’t be able to confirm this through a pregnancy test, they’d have a stomach ache. As time goes by, they’ll receive a +1 uncomfortable moodlet and start gaining weight. Soon, the male avatar would give birth to the baby like any regular character at home or in the hospital. 

Once the baby’s born, you’ll find its birth certificate in the inventory. it’s up to the male character whether they wish to raise them on their own or send them back to their own world. You can choose one of the options by clicking on the baby’s bassinet, which also comes along with their birth, and has an “it’s so…cute?” interaction as well. If you decide to keep the baby but neglect it, the child service will take it away. 

Male characters who became pregnant due to abduction can breastfeed their babies as well because their cry is a loud one, which sounds like an alarm and you’ve no option but to give them what they want. 

Male sims can also get pregnant when woohooing with a female alien character; however, a male alien character never gets pregnant. 

5. Alien Babies

Sims 4 Alien Babies

You can go for any skin tone for your alien children, but there won’t be any tattoos or makeup available for them. Since the DNA depends on the parents largely, a hybrid + alien would give birth to a baby, which would be 50% hybrid and 50% alien. However, a hybrid + hybrid baby might be 33% regular, 33% hybrid, and 33% full alien.

Full alien children would have the ability to disguise themselves as regular sims. These babies are either the result of 2 aliens woohooing or an alien abduction. 

In the case of a hybrid child, it’s because of a regular sim woohooing with an alien. These characters would have the skin tone of an extraterrestrial being, but the eyes and hair would be standard. These children can’t disguise themselves or enjoy alien social interactions. 

What Can Aliens Do In Sims 4?

Sims 4 Alien Powers

Most of the interactions that your extraterrestrial sim would perform would require brain power, and they’d have to rest at times to restore this power. Let’s look at the powers they have – 

1. Empathize (Friendly)

This power allows the alien to feel the other regular character’s emotions.

2. Analyze Personality (Friendly)

Aliens can learn all the skills that their target sim has in a snap of a finger. 

3. Erase Memory (Mischief)

To have some fun or for other reasons, aliens can erase the target character’s memory and then disguise themselves to avoid revealing their secret. 

Here are the interactions that they can carry out. 

1. Scare with Probe (Mischief)

The extraterrestrial being might, at times, take out their probe, which is a device with various probes, such as a blender, a duck on a stick, and so on. Its entire purpose is to entertain and add a funny element because it scares the sims at first. 

2. Resurrect Dead Alien Collectibles

These avatars can bring back an alien collectible to life when interacting with it. 

3. Transmute Elements, Metals, and Crystals

Aliens can transmute an element, metal, etc. into a thing of higher value by clicking on it. However, it’s quite random. If you try to transmute a rare crystal, you don’t know whether it’d turn out to be a disaster or a success. 

A hybrid alien can only have access to some of these interactions or powers, whereas a complete alien can do all these. 


Can you make an alien in Sims 4?

Yes, you can create an alien if you have the Get to Work expansion pack.

What happens if you send alien baby to Homeworld?

If you send the baby back to their planet, then you’d never be able to see them again. So be confident of your decision beforehand because there’s no way to undo it.


Our guide on Sims 4 aliens comes to an end here, and we hope we were successful in clarifying a lot about this new feature that the game has introduced. The GTW pack is a prerequisite to use this addition, though, but trust me, it’s one of the most exciting and intriguing storylines, which would change your gameplay to a whole other level. You cannot miss out on this.

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