How to Be Abducted by Aliens in the Sims 3 (Updated) 2023

Sims 3 Aliens

The Sims 3 wasn’t satisfied with only the regular sims, so they made an addition to the game in the form of Sims 3 aliens. These extraterrestrial beings have become quite popular in the game because they visit neighborhoods to learn about life on this planet and might even abduct a sim on occasion to experiment on them. 

All of this sounds easy, but it isn’t. So this guide would help you in understanding all about this feature and how to get your sims abducted, make them an alien themselves, and so on. It’s going to be a fun learning experience, so let’s go!

Where to Find Aliens?

So let me clear one thing up before we move on to this section. You can’t find aliens; they’ll find you. An alien is always female and might visit your neighborhood between 12 am and 3 am. Still, this visit would only be for socialization purposes, so you can become friends with an extraterrestrial being or ask them to move in with you. The visit would only last for one and a half hours or two hours, so make the most of it. 

The chances of an alien visiting are only 5%, but if your character collects space rocks and has 5 of them, then the chances of an extraterrestrial being visiting increase by 15%. Also, becoming their friends would lead to more visits. Even if an alien doesn’t visit your home specifically, it’ll be somewhere around the neighborhood and will leave behind space rocks. Use the phone to invite these beings and befriend them. 

When you ask such a being to move in with your character, they’ll come with level 10 logic and level 7 handiness, so you can control them whichever way you want and also use their Galaxa Space Car. 

How to Contact an Extraterrestrial Being?

If you hear an eerie tone, it indicates that an alien is visiting your home lot, and once you befriend them, you can now call them whenever you want.

  • Click on the alien’s picture in the relationship panel and click on Chat. 
  • Your sim can now talk to them any time of the day because the alien is free the whole day since they don’t have a job. 

More About Sims 3 Aliens

This being is similar to a regular sim, except that their skin color and eyes are different, and instead of an energy meter, they have a brain power bar, which depletes at a slow pace as compared to normal sims. 

They can restore their brain power either by meditating or by consuming space rocks on the ground. Their UFO is a thing of beauty and is quite functional as well because it can transport them wherever they want in mere seconds. You can park the UFO in a parking lot or store it in your inventory.

Cloning this UFO in the buy mode is impossible. Apart from having excellent speed, this machine can also make it snow or rain depending on the weather, and you can also instruct your alien to abduct another sim in this UFO and bring them to your lot. However, abduction is only possible if your extraterrestrial being knows who the target is. 

Players can also add laser cannons in the UFO and use them to invade an entire community lot or upgrade for space travel and send your character on a trip to the outer world. Whenever your character visits another planet, they’ll disappear for a while, similar to a rabbit hole, and return with buffs and other rewards. The UFO is a common property of the alien and your sim, so they can both use it for personal use. 

How to Get Your Sim Abducted?

How to Get Your Sim Abducted?

As I mentioned earlier, aliens can also abduct your character in their UFO, but for that to happen, there are certain specifications, such as – 

  • Your sim must be on the same lot where the UFO arrives. 
  • They should be there between 12 am and 3 am. 

When it comes to the chances of your avatar getting abducted, it depends on several things.  

  • There’s only a 2% chance of your avatar being abducted during peak hours when the UFO arrives.
  • If your avatar gazes through a telescope, it increases its chances of abduction by 13%.
  • Their chances increase by 38% if they collect space rocks in the inventory, and they can go up to 75%. 

Finding space rocks isn’t an easy task, so it’d be better to use a Collection Helper LIfetime Reward that costs 40,000 happiness points. It’d mark on the map where these rocks are located, making it easier for you to find them. 

These were the ways you could manually get your character abducted. Now let’s look at the shortcut way to accomplish the same result. 

You can’t directly cheat being abducted, but what you can do is use cheats to gain 40,000 points and buy the Collection Helper, which would help you find space rocks quickly, thus resulting in your character getting abducted quickly. 

  • Click Ctrl + Shift + C 
  • Type “testingcheats true”
  • Now, start the game and navigate to the Lifetime Rewards tab.
  • Press Ctrl and click on the black space to the right of the treasure chest. 
  • Click around until you find the exact spot and once you do, keep clicking until you reach 40,000 points. 
  • Now, you can buy the Collection Helper. 

This object would be in the inventory and resembles a butterfly. Click on this helper and choose which collectible you wish to find. The map would start pointing out the places where the rocks are, and your avatar can visit those locations and collect them. Sometimes, you might not see anything on the map immediately, so give it some time and check back later. When your avatar goes out between midnight and 3 am with the space rock in their inventory, they’ll instantly be abducted.

Apart from manual and cheat methods, there’s another way to get abducted by an extraterrestrial being, which is to use the Sims 3 alien abduction mod. This is one of the easiest and most direct ways to plan your character’s abduction because all you have to do is install a mod. 

  • Download the Nraas Debug Enabler Mod.
  • Wait till 12 am and then pause the game. 
  • Make sure you select the sim you want to be abducted.
  • Click on the mailbox and select Nraas > Debug Enabler > Options: Colonial Mailbox > DEBUG: Trigger Alien Abduction. 
  • The trigger alien abduction option is available from 8 pm to 3 am, and your sim needs to be awake during that time; otherwise, the mod won’t work. 
  • Once you’ve set things in motion, your character would go outside to check the strange lights on their home lot. 
  • Then the mother ship would arrive and abduct your avatar and would return it in 30 sim minutes. 

When your avatar returns home, they’d have the abducted and negative moodlet about the alien and would cry, feel nauseous, angry, and so on for 10 hours. This will happen to both male and female sims if they are abducted. The male sims might also gain the unexpected weight gain moodlet after their abducted mood wears off, indicating that they are pregnant. 

Alien Pregnancy and Babies

Alien Pregnancy and Babies

Even though both male and female characters can get abducted, there is a 33% chance of the young adult, adult, or elder male avatar being pregnant. They’ll start gaining weight as the baby starts growing, and as soon as the “unexpected weight gain” moodlet disappears after 48 hours, it’s time for them to give birth. 

Now it’s up to your character whether they wish to raise this child on their own or send them to its own alien planet. If you decide to raise the baby, you can choose their traits, and they are no different than a regular sim apart from their appearance. Since the game doesn’t consider male sim pregnancy, they won’t receive any maternity leave or have maternity clothes. They’ll simply be a vessel for the baby to grow. 

Being abducted isn’t the only way for your male character to get pregnant. They can also woohoo with an alien to become pregnant, and if the baby has 50% alien genes, then they’ll have telepathy powers and would have a brain power bar instead of an energy motive. Another supernatural being, such as fairies or werewolves woohooing with extraterrestrial beings, would result in quite interesting babies. However, their alien powers would be of no use because of the occult DNA.

Other Alien Mods

Apart from the Nraas Debug Enabler, there are some more modifications that you can download for a unique experience in this storyline. 

1. More/Less Alien Abductions

The chances of your avatar getting abducted would increase from 0% to 100%, and there are a lot of options that this mod offers, so choose the one you like.

2. Abductor

This module would allow your female characters to get pregnant after being abducted.

3. Nraas Retuner

You’d have complete control over the percentages of abduction through various means, such as telescopes, space rocks, and so on. You can tinker with the settings of these features and change the chances of abduction through a certain method as per your convenience.

Alien Powers and Features

Alien Powers and Features

There are certain powers and features that your extraterrestrial being comes along with, and they are as follows – 

1. The Galaxa Space Car

As mentioned earlier, the alien would travel to Earth in this space car, and it’d be a part of your inventory. You can use it to go anywhere you want in the neighborhood, and you can also upgrade it by adding loose cannons, but you’d require level 7 in handiness for that, which your alien roommate already has. You can now invade any lot of your choosing and enjoy this fun activity. 

Another upgrade is space travel, where your character can visit the moon, asteroid belt, or planet Sixon. They’ll receive several gems, metals, and other items. The buydebug cheat can also be used to get this space car. 

2. Alien Brain Power

Aliens don’t have an energy motive but a brain power motive instead. When you click the being, you can restore their brain power; it’d take 5 hours for the bar to become whole, but it doesn’t ensure that they receive a well rested moodlet. So let them rest in bed for a while to boost their mood. 

Eating space rocks is another way to fill their brain power, and the bigger the rock, the more power they’ll gain. This power is what enables them to use their unique abilities, so restoring it quickly is essential. 

3. Bio Boost and Bio Drain

If you use bio drain on your character, then your sim’s social, hygiene, and fun motives would shift to the alien and would fill only a third of each bar for them. After this, the extraterrestrial being can restore brain power and eat a meal to increase these four motives more. 

The bio boost, on the other hand, would allow the alien to transfer their needs to the target sim to help them out. This feature cannot be used on other aliens, though.

4. Transmute Object

Extraterrestrial beings have the power to turn metals and gems into an object of higher value. However, not all objects can be transmuted successfully. For instance, an object of 100 simoleans has a 5% chance of failing, whereas those costing 500 simoleans have a 30% chance. An alien’s mood also determines this. 

5. Repair Broken Objects

Aliens can repair broken objects without the requirement of handiness skills as they can do so with their mind. 

6. Scan and Probe Sims

These beings also know how to be funny as they can pull out their probe any time and scare other characters until they laugh in relief eventually. This probe also helps them scan the target sim’s traits. 

7. Summon Meteor

This feature is available only if you have the Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack, as it allows your character to call upon a meteor strike in any area, and only the alien would be aware of this. It also helps them collect space rocks to increase brain power or to make money.

8. Steal Space Rocks

For those who can’t use the above option can go for this feature. Clicking on this Science lab between 8 pm and 6 am, along with an alien, would allow your avatar to collect 4 space rocks. These rocks vary in size, so there’s a 60% chance of finding tiny rocks, 25% large, and 15% massive ones. It’s a pretty excellent way to acquire rocks and sell them for money. 

9. Sell Alien Secrets

Aliens can sell the knowledge and information they have about their world to the military base in town and go against their people but still profit. They can do so every 36 hours and can make up to 1500 to 2000 simoleans. However, this feature is available from 6 am to 8 pm only. 

10. Alien Test Subject: Part Time Career

Extraterrestrial beings can do a part time job by signing up at the town’s Science Lab, where sims can conduct experiments on them from Monday to Friday, 4 pm to 7 pm. There are three levels: Associate Probe Testers earn $64/hour, Specimen Living makes $84/hour, and Organ Farms gain $114/ hour. The alien might feel nauseous after these experiments, though. 


Can you turn a sim into an alien?

Yes, you can turn a sim into an alien if you have downloaded the Get to Work expansion pack.

Can elder male Sims have alien babies Sims 3?

Yes, elder male characters can also have alien babies because male sims only act as a vessel for the baby to grow, so an elder male becoming pregnant in the game is possible. As the baby grows, they’d gain weight and eventually give birth to an alien baby.


This was all about the Sims 3 aliens, and if you’re planning on trying out this storyline, then this guide would help you out in every way. We recommend you get your sim abducted or impregnated by an extraterrestrial being because it’d be a wild ride after that. One thing is guaranteed, though, that you’re going to have so much fun with this addition to the game.

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