More Traits Mod Sims 4 Kawaiistacie (Download) – 2023

More Traits Mod Sims 4 Kawaiistacie

Kawaiistacie is a popular content creator for the Sims 4, and everyone in the Sims community is aware of her creations and is using them in the game as well. “Kawaii” is a Japanese word that refers to custom content; therefore, her creator’s name is Kawaiistacie because she is the master of custom content. We all know how essential mods are to enhance our gameplay, so here are some more traits mod Sims 4 by Kawaiistacie that you cannot miss out on. 

Kawaiistacie Mods

Firstly, let’s look at some of the mods that are created by this modder with her magical and imaginative mind. 

1. Festival Esplanade

Festival Esplanade

The entire purpose of a modification is to make the game more fun and exciting, and this mod does exactly that. It introduces the concept of festivals that change as per the seasons. The time of the festivities is from 9 am to midnight, but you can edit this as well. This modification also generates new characters so that you can enjoy the celebration with any of them. 

2. Full Furnished Kawaii Set

Full Furnished Kawaii Set

Every player wants their character’s house to be beautiful and livable, and the only way to ensure that is to download this mod, which features fully furnished homes with a complete set of furniture. You can choose any of the houses you prefer. 

3. 100 Babies

100 Babies

This is quite a popular challenge in the game because it allows your sims to start a family and give birth to 100 kids. They can have kids out of wedlock, and if the spouse dies, either male or female, then they must take care of the children. These babies would offer you buffs and have a healthy relationship. 

4. Explore Mod

Explore Mod

With this exciting modification, you can now explore more things, such as shopping, gambling, and so on, to not be stuck in a monotonous loop of the game. Whenever your character does such an activity, they’ll go down the rabbit hole for some time and return with a good mood, new buffs, and a lot more. However, you’d require specific packs for it, and also, your character must have a driving license or a bus pass from the DMV or transportation center. 

Kawaiistacie Traits 

Apart from mods, there are several traits in the Sims 4 that your avatars can acquire if they go for Kawaiistacie’s CCs. 

1. Fall/Winter Lipsticks

Fall/Winter Lipsticks

We are always looking for ways to glam up our sims, and these lipsticks are the best way to do so because it offers lipsticks based on the season. There are two swatches, light and dark and each of them is available in 3 shades. So there are 6 shades in total to choose from. 

2. Drinkable Pouches for Humans

Drinkable Pouches for Humans

This is quite a convenient mod for humans and vampires because it offers vamps with pouches full of blood and plasma, and milk for standard sims. This way, you can keep your hunger needs full and also don’t cause bladder issues. It’d have a positive effect on your buffs as well.  

3. Tea Lover

Tea Lover

Tea is what would relax your avatars after a hectic or eventful day. They can also make coffee for themselves, and it’d act as a little pick-me-up for them. The moment they take a sip of their choice of beverage, it calms them and helps them unwind. 

4. Singer Trait

Singer Trait

As the name suggests, your avatar would have a passion for singing, and it’d have a direct impact on their mood. They’d learn this skill faster than other skills, but if they overdo it, it might damage their vocal cords. Singing would increase their buffs and improve their relationships as well. 

5. Acne Prone

Acne Prone

Acne is quite common during teenage years, so why not make your characters have this problem as well to make them more realistic? With this trait, your avatar can have a breakout at any time, and if others point it out, they’d feel uncomfortable. You can fix these with blend soaks and mud to increase their buffs. 

6. Basketball Characteristic

Basketball Characteristic

Basketball isn’t just a hobby for your avatar because if they don’t play, they feel bored. So don’t keep them away from something they are naturally talented in, and let them bask in the fame from the neighborhood sims. However, with stardom comes a bad side as well, so if your character encounters an embarrassing video of themselves, they’ll feel negative. 

7. Traits Bundle #1

Traits Bundle #1

You can also go for this bundle, which includes 42 attributes, such as funny, handy, mixologist, night owl, slow learner, early bird, heavy drinker, and so on. These attributes would enhance your skills, needs, and relationships. 

8. Appearance

Here are the three types of appearances your avatar would fit in. 


This feature is for male sims who are famous and good looking, and everyone wishes to be in their good books. Your characters can build healthy relationships and gain buffs as well. 


It’s similar to the feature above, but it’s for female avatars only who’d look gorgeous, and everyone would wish to be their friend, and they can use this chance to create strong bonds with others. Your buffs would also increase. 


Some players might not want their characters to go down the conventional standards of beauty; instead, they’d like their avatars to look ugly. It’d be an entertaining factor for you and others, but your characters would have a hard time forming relationships because others would ignore them. Your buffs would still increase. 

Other Modifications

  1. Coffee lover
  2. Fishermen
  3. After school activities
  4. Memorable events
  5. Switch streaming
  6. Resorts and hotels
  7. Mocha fridge
  8. Showtime
  9. The life decider

These are some other modules that you can also try to add a fun element to the game. 


Is there a Sims 4 mod for more traits?

Yes, there are several traits that you can add to the game through the help of mods, especially ones by Kawaiistacie, because they are perfect in every sense.


We recommend you download these more traits mod by Kawaiistacie because they add a lot to your gameplay in a lot of ways. These traits and features are a must have, and the ones mentioned here are just a few of the modules created by this excellent modder, but there are so many more out there to try.

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