How to Age Up In the Sims 4 (Guide) 2023

How to Age Up Sims 4

Aging up your character in the game is such a basic necessity for all the players because it makes the game even more exciting and worth playing. When you have something to look forward to, it makes you intrigued to find out what’s next.

Also, this feature allows you to connect with your gaming avatars even more and get involved in the storyline, which is what makes this game one of the best ones out there. 

Therefore, this article will tell you all about how to age up Sims 4, including the various ways that you can choose from. So let’s get to it.

How to Age Up Sims 4?

As I mentioned earlier, there are several ways to age up your character from a baby to an elder. Now, here’s a list of all the ways to use for aging up your avatar in the game. 

1. Bake a Birthday Cake

This is quite an easy method to make your character age up. All they have to do is bake a cake. Follow the steps to do so – 

  1. Click on the oven.
  2. Select Cook.
  3. Choose a cake.
  4. Add candles to the cake once it’s baked.

If a character is small, then they’d need an adult’s help to add the birthday candles. Now, allow the avatar you want to age up to blow out the candles, and if they are a child or toddler, then an adult would take them to the candles and help them blow it out. Choose any of the adult sims to help your character, and as soon as they blow the candles, they’ll age up. 

A notification would inform you of the transition and also if you gained any reward traits from the previous stage. 

2. Throw a Birthday Party

Throw a Birthday Party

Instead of just baking a cake, you could even throw a full fledged party as well to celebrate your gaming avatar’s aging up. 

  1. Go to the Phone.
  2. Click on Plan a Social Event.
  3. Select the Birthday Party option. 
  4. Now, choose the sims you’d like to invite over.

After all this, you must complete goals, such as eating a cake, telling jokes, preparing a group meal, playing a game with the birthday sim, and enjoying drinks with them. These goals might not appear every time you plan a party, but some of them might appear. Even the sims invited can help you complete these tasks. 

Also, you must have a birthday cake at this party; otherwise, it’d be such a boring party, right? 

3. Let them Naturally Age Up

Let them Naturally Age Up

Another option is to let nature take its course, or should I say the game? The lifespan of each stage varies, and here’s an elaborate plan of it. 

Baby0-1.5 day0-3 days0-12 days
Toddler4 days7 days32 days
Child7 days13 days56 days
Teen7 days14 days56 days
Young Adult12 days24 days94 days
Adult12 days24 days94 days
Elder5 days+10 days+40 days+

4. Aging Up Babies

Aging up babies is slightly different from other life stages. For a baby sim, click on their cot or bassinet and click on the Age Up option, and they’d move on to the next life stage. 

5. Use Cheats to Age Up

Use Cheats to Age Up

The last option is to opt for cheats to get your avatars to reach a certain age quickly because sometimes they might irritate you as a toddler or test your patience as a teen with tantrums, so here’s how to get yourself out of this situation. 

  1. Click on Ctrl + Shift + C.
  2. Input “testingcheats true.”
  3. Type cas.fulleditmode
  4. Then, shift-click on the character you want to age up and click on “Modify in CAS.”
  5. Enter any age you want your avatar to reach, and the transition will happen instantly. 

How to Gain Reward Traits?

To acquire reward traits for raising your sim well, you’d have to help them with five skills, such as Imagination, Communication, Movement, Potty, and Thinking. These skills would help them in later life stages, while potty training would be beneficial in the earlier stages itself. Take good care of your character by feeding them, interacting with them, and keeping them hydrated. You must read stories to them, offer them a lot of toys, but also scold them when they misbehave. 

For potty, there are three levels to achieve, while there are five levels for thinking, communication, movement, and imagination. Reaching level 3 of all these stages would help you gain a happy toddler reward trait when your avatar becomes a child. It assists them in learning new skills faster.

Achieving level 5, the four levels apart from potty training would lead to you acquiring a top notch toddler reward trait, and they can learn skills faster than the happy toddler trait even. 

What Stops the Aging Process?

If your female character is pregnant, they won’t age up until the baby is delivered. So if you don’t want their aging up process to halt for some time, then don’t let them woohoo and get pregnant. 

How do you force age up on Sims 4 cheat?

Use the following cheat to age up your characters instantly. 

  1. Click on Ctrl + Shift + C if you’re using PC, Command + Shift + C for Mac users, and press all four triggers if you’re a console user. 
  2. Input “testingcheats true.”
  3. Type cas.fulleditmode
  4. Then, shift-click on the character you want to age up and click on “Modify in CAS.”
  5. Enter any age you wish for your avatar to reach, and it’d happen immediately. 


Can you manually age up Sims in Sims 4?

Yes, you can manually age up sims by shift-clicking on them and then selecting the Modify in CAS option. From there, you can change their age to whatever you like.

Can Sims age up without a cake?

Yes, sims can undoubtedly age up without a cake by not doing anything and letting them go through life stages naturally, and age up when it’s time.

Is the a way to age up cheat Sims 4?

To use the age up cheat, press Ctrl + Shift +C and enter “testingcheats true,” and then type “cas.fulleditmode” to access this cheat in the game.


Now that you know how to age up Sims 4, you can choose any of the options mentioned above and allow them to reach a specific life stage as per your desire.

Even though you do have the chance to not interfere in their aging process, it can sometimes be difficult not to do so because you might need your character to be at a particular life stage for a challenge, or maybe you just want to stop their annoying habits that come with that phase.

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