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Disk Space Fan takes Ringschart to represent of the disk usage.


The Ringschart is composed of a set of nested rings around a central circle. This circle symbolizes the root folder. Each ring represents a level in the directory. Each subfolder or file is represented by a sector of the ring. Its angle being proportional to the size of the folder's contents, and it painted with a different color to ease visualization. Files will be painted in light gray color. Folder or file will be ignored which is smaller than 1/180 of the size of root folder.

The chart will display five levels. In the case that a folder in that last fifth level contains even more subfolders, this situation will be pointed by the presence of a curve close to the edge of that folder's ring sector. When the mouse pointer hovers on one of the folders in the graphic, it will be highlighted and a tooltip will appear with information about its name and size.