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How to purchase

Disk Space Fan 4 is a shareware. If you find Disk Space Fan 4 is useful, and want to continue to use it you are required to register it. You are limited to 15 days of use for an unregistered version.

The most convenient way to purchase Disk Space Fan 4 is with a credit card via secure online ordering form. Other payment options are available, too. After purchase is completed you will immediately receive your unique registration code via e-mail.

To see the price, purchasing details to secure online ordering form please visit the following page at our web site:


Free Technical Support

Registered users are entitled to receive free technical support via e-mail, and all upgrade and bug fixes are free.

Support: support@diskspacefan.com


Enter your e-mail address and received serial number in the field, the e-mail address and serial number must be consistent.

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